History of Literacy
Organizations, Publications, and Links Related to the History of Literacy

American Antiquarian Society Address: Worcester, MA.
Has nearly 1500 19th-century readers, speakers, and spellers, plus a wide range of other materials related to literacy in early American history up to 1876.
American Antiquarian Society Publications: Proceedings, semiannually.Its Early American Imprints series, in microform and microfilm, contains the full text of over 70,000 books, pamphlets, etc. published in this country from 1639 to 1820; its Early American Newspapers series reproduces all American newspapers issued before 1821.
American Association for State and Local History
American Historical Association The largest historical organization in the U.S.
Publications: American Historical Review, 5 times annually; Perspectives, newsletter, 9 times annually.
American Studies Association Publications: American Quarterly, ASA Newsletter.
Barnard Textbook Collection Address: Trinity College, Watkinson Library, Hartford, CT.
Has 7,000 textbooks from 17th through 19th century.
Butler Library, Rare Book and Manuscript Room Address: Columbia University, New York, NY.
Has many 19th-century textbooks in its Plimpton Collection, plus some 300 American spelling books.
Canadian Children's Literature Service Address: Ottawa, Canada.
Includes 800 files on Canadian authors and illustrators.
Center for Research Libraries Address: Chicago, IL.
Has a very large collection of 85,000 old textbooks and 45,000 children's books (which are mostly 1951 and later).
Center for the Book of the Library of Congress: Related Organizations and Programs
Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents Address: California State University, San Marcos, CA.
Has 3,000 20th-century books in Spanish for children and adolescents.
Children's Book Collection Address: Department of Special Collections at the University Research Library, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.
Is strong in English and American publications before 1840; has foreign language materials, early games and pop-up books, primary and secondary American textbooks, a collection of modern juvenile books and Russian children's books published between the two world wars.
Children's Literature Research Collections Address: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.
The Kerlan Collection contains more than 65,000 children's books, primarily by 20th-century American writers, as well as manuscripts and illustrations for more than 8,700 titles.
Cotsen Children's Library Address: Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.
Contains 20,000 items, most of them illustrated books, and manuscripts, puzzles, hornbooks and toys, from the 15th to the 20th centuries, in French, German, Farsi, Urdu etc.
Cultures of the Book: Bibliography
de Grummond Children's Literature Research Collection Address: McCain Library and Archives, The University of Southern Mississippi. H
as drafts from over 75 authors and illustrators, 34,000 books, 600 early 19th-century books, and 250 children's magazines.
Dictionary Society of North America Homepage
Directory of Historical Resources
Electronic Text (etext) Projects
Elizabeth Nesbitt Children's Literature Collection Address: University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Science, Pittsburgh, PA.
Has 12,000 volumes of 18th and 19th-century British and American children's literature plus 300 chapbooks.
George Arents Research Library for Special Collections Address: Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.
Has most of the textbooks published by the American Book Company 1890-1965, and some early 19th-century texts.
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Guggenheim Memorial Library Address: Monmouth College, West Long Branch, NJ.
Has 100 readers plus 2,500 pre-1900 textbooks.
Historical Text Archive: African American History
History of American Education Web Project
History of Education Society Affiliated with the International Standing Conference for the History of Education.
Publications: History of Education Quarterly, quarterly.
History of Higher Education Annual The annual is the sole scholarly refereed journal in the USA devoted exclusively to the history of higher education.
History of Reading Instruction
History of Reading, Special Interest Group of the International Reading Association The SIG functions within the larger structure of the International Reading Association (IRA)
Publications: History of Reading News,newsletter, twice yearly.
Special Program: Listserv: HRSIG@bookmark.reading.org
Images of Orality and Literacy in Greek Iconography of the Fifth, Fourth and Third Centuries BCE
Index of Resources for Historians
Institute of Historical Research
Inter.Canada: Canadian History/Histoire du Canada
International Reading Association
John A. Neitz Old Textbook Collection Address: University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.
Has over 15,000 old primary and secondary school texts, most published before 1900.
Lilly Library Chapbook Collection Address: Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.
Contains a sizable collection of chapbooks.
Linda Hall Library Address: Kansas City, MO.
Extensive collection of historical documents related to science and technology.
Making of America Project
McGuffey Museum Address: Oxford, OH. Tel: (513) 529-4666.
The largest collection of McGuffey readers in existence is housed in the Special Collections Library of the Museum.
Media History Project
Milbank Memorial Library Address: Special Collections, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY.
Has 3,000+ pre-1900 textbooks and 14,000 post-1900 texts.
Monroe Gutman Library Address: Harvard University, Graduate School of Education, Cambridge MA.
Has 35,000 volumes of American textbooks between 1800-1950.
Nila Banton Smith Historical Collection in Reading Address: Special Collections Department, Hofstra University Library, Hempstead, NY.
Has over 3,500 readers and reading instructional manuals dating from 1640, along with 2,000 books in its companion children's literature collection.
Oral History Association, Encourages standards of excellence in the collection, preservation, dissemination and uses of oral testimony.
Publications: OHA Newsletter, three times a year;Oral History Review, semiannually: theoretical and methodological discussions;Membership Directory and Annual Report.
Organization of American Historians, OAH's object is to promote historical study and research in the field of American history.
Publications: Journal of American History, quarterly; OAH Newsletter, quarterly; OAH Magazine of History, quarterly, for history educators.
Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books Address: Toronto Public Library, Toronto, Canada.
Includes books, artwork, original manuscripts and letters representing English children's literature from the 14th century to the present day, plus l9th- and 20th-century children's books in English relating to Canada.
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Penny Magazine
Picturing Childhood: Illustrated Children's Books from University of California Collections, 1550-1990
Russell B. Nye Culture Collection Address: Michigan State University Libraries, East Lansing, MI.
Includes over 2,000 item collection of 19th- and early 20th-century textbooks, as well as pop culture reading materials from comic books to trade books.
Sites of Interest for Historians
Smithsonian Institution Archives Address: Institutional History Division, Washington, DC.
Assorted texts and oral histories from various time periods and regions of the U.S.
Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing (SHARP), SHARP News, quarterly newsletter with book reviews; Book History;
Publications: listserv: SHARP-L
Special Collections Department, Library, University of South Florida Address: Tampa, FL.
Has 2,000 pre-1865 textbooks.
Textbook Colloquium Brings together scholars who focus on the central role played by textbooks in all forms of teaching and learning.
Publications: PARADIGM, thrice yearly, journal/newsletter
The Association for History and Computing Publications: History and Computing, 3 times per year.
The Blackwell History of Education Research Collection Address: Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL.
Over 10,000 items, ranging from educational newspapers, journals and magazines to slates, hornbooks, battledores, teaching devices, textbooks, and writing instruments.
The Children's Literature Web Guide: Research Guides and Indexes
The Cinderella Project
The History of Education Site
The History of Printing
The Library of Congress Address: Washington, DC.
Holds some 200,000 children's books, including picture books, folktales, poetry, nonfiction, books in braille, movable books and books in electronic formats.
The Library of Congress
The Little Red Riding Hood Project
The New York Historical Society Address: New York, NY.
Has a large collection of 19th-century textbooks, as well as manuscript writing and ciphering notebooks.
The New York Public Library Address: New York, NY.
Has a huge collection of texts under the headings: Reading Books; Primers, American; English Language--Spelling Books, American; Dialogues, American; Recitations, American; Elocution.
The Reading Experience Database: 1450-1914
The Watkinson Library Address: Trinity College, Hartford, CT.
Houses the 6,800 volume Barnard Textbook Collection, consisting mostly of books used from colonial times to the end of the 19th century.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: History
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Latin American Studies
The Written and Spoken Word
Toronto Centre for the Study of Children's Literature
U.S. Census Bureau
Uruguayan History of Education
US Department of Education Research Library, Department of Education Address: Washington, DC.
Sizable collection of early American textbooks, journals and holdings in the history of education, and 12,000 18th- and 19th-century textbooks published in U.S.
Walter Havighurst Special Collections Library Address: King Collection of Early Children's Literature, Miami University, Oxford, OH.
Has a large collection of early American children's literature, 6,000 textbooks and some 200 McGuffey volumes.
WWW Services for Historians
Young American Readers Young American Readers is AN EXHIBITION drawn from the first of several donations to the Kenneth Spencer Research Library from Charles and E. Jennifer Monaghan, of Brooklyn, N. Y., that over the course of the next few years will total about 1,400 volumes. The books have been designated the Charles and E. Jennifer Monaghan Collection. With its focus on the teaching of reading and writing in Colonial America and the United States, the Monaghan Collection complements and extends the Spencer Library's already substantial holdings in this field. This library holds many similar volumes—books from this state and region of the United States, in the Kansas Collection—and books from across the seas, especially from Britain, in the Department of Special Collections. Now, much strengthened by the Monaghans' gift, these collections give the Spencer Library the opportunity to support in great depth those faculty and students who seek to learn about a most important part of the history of education . . . and to offer some delight to anyone who may wonder how our forebears learned to read!

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